There must be a way

/ Wednesday, September 12, 2018 /
This Filipino horror story (an old one but still relevant today) is one of the reasons why I decided not to pursue my nursing career. While I was a student nurse in one of those public hospitals, similar scenarios happen every day. I wasn't aware of it at first but looking back, it wasn't just physically draining but they were also emotionally-taxing.

In the beginning, you're this idealistic, starry-eyed student nurse but you'll eventually end up one of those staff who has seen it all. There was nothing I can do but listen to their thoughts, feelings, and stories.

Fast forward to today, I can't help but ask myself if I'm now more capable of helping them and the country's health care system. There must be a way to get to the root of the problem.

There is no moral to the story

/ Sunday, September 2, 2018 /

If you built yourself a myth  You'd know just what to give

Momentary bliss What comes after this

Consequence of what you do to me - Myth, Beach House


When you were young, adults used to tell you that a story is more than just the sum of its words, that it carries a grain of truth with it. They call it the moral of the story.

Some of these truths stared right back at you before you reached The End. Most of the time, it required reading between the lines.  You were brilliant at the latter.

Consider for a moment the first time you heard the story of how the the light will always overcome darkness. You wondered why no one talked about how the light cannot exist without darkness.


Like all things that masquerade themselves as gifts,  the ability to read between the lines in someone’s story is a curse.  You were terrible at recognizing the difference between the two.

Consider for a moment the first time you learned that what most of us label as love is unexplainable desire and obsession packaged as an adorable Hallmark card text.  Consider the countless stories you have to listened to finally recognize that happiness is not the absence of misery but the acceptance of it.  Consider your recent discovery that the world favors flattery over the truth.


What I’m about to tell you is the greatest story you’ll ever hear. It begins with the truth.

Scratch that, no one remembers the truth tellers.

The story begins with people spinning their own truths into half-lies neatly packaged with fancy trimmings on top. This is how people remember you. You see it as a curse but everyone thinks of it as your gift to the world.  You’re getting good at this.

As for the moral of this story? There is none and that’s the truth.

*Writing this four days post-surgery of my impacted third molars. I suddenly have this idea to write about how we're obsessed with the MORAL (not MOLARS) of the story. :D

On Frustration, Superstitions, and Glute Exercises

/ Wednesday, August 8, 2018 /
I’m noticing a pattern in myself lately.

First, I tend to retreat from my usual watering holes online and write here (a piece of antique in terms of Internet years) whenever I feel all kinds of sh*tty. Second, it seems like unfortunate things happen to me every August, one of which is when my father passed away four Augusts ago.  Things even take a more interesting (or spooky?) turn because it seems like I always have a blog entry  (some of them are private) talking about these unfortunate events every August of the year.

Frustration is the word right now.

I got myself involved in another mishap last weekend at home (it’s not even outdoors! how clumsy is that?) and I’m now nursing a minor foot injury. The same foot that got stung by the jellyfish last summer (which in turn left me immobile and stuck at home for almost a month).

While I can confidently declare that I don’t really mind being cooped indoors for days as an introvert, my frustration level is ramping up since yesterday.

The injured area’s still swollen and there’s no way that I can go out or even do some stretching/body weight exercises at home. I have several things on my to-do list which requires stepping out of the house, seeing some friends, running some errands, people-watching, and so on.

What makes it more frustrating is I've been looking forward to this month in terms of fitness. I’ve been watching Stephanie Buttermore videos on YouTube lately and I've been meaning to try them and do some modifications with kettlebells/body weight at home.You can check Stephanie's channel here. I like her take on glutes/leg exercises, particularly the science-y bits.

As for the MOST frustrating part?

I’m supposed to be a part of a mountaineering trip that's scheduled at the end of the month. I’ve been looking forward to this trip since it’s been ages since I’ve gone on a multi-day trek. It seems like I will miss the scheduled trek at the rate things are going with my swollen foot. Nooooo.

As for something worth smiling about today, it's International World Cat Day!

We, cat slaves, are required by Her Catness to hug cats longer than usual and squish 'em until all is right with the world.

via Gfycat
Dear Universe, what have I done in one of my past lives to deserve this? Yeah I know, I’m just another invisible point in this pale blue dot in the universe and other people have it worse but can I rant how unfair the world is right now? It’s what this blog is for, right? 

May We Meet Again, Ming

/ Saturday, September 30, 2017 /
In peace, may you leave the shore.
In love, may you find the next.
Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground.
May we meet again. *

*Lifted from The 100 TV series

I usually say, in the end, okay, it’s love and it’s work — what else could there possibly be? -- Maira Kalman


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