My Toilet Paper Story

/ Saturday, September 11, 2010 /

life=a roll of toilet paper

In a hurry, I dashed for the nearby washroom today and absentmindedly fumbled for toilet paper. For a second there, I had this sort of epiphany that life, is indeed like a fresh roll of loo paper. The moment you are born and given a name, you resemble that plump white roll of pulp. Soft to the touch, immaculate and full of potential. It's like starting out with a clean slate.

You’ll meet a few people who will be nice to you; your mother for example.

But when you’re being bullied by the neighborhood kids, when the adolescent acne starts, when you experience your first heartbreak and when you get your first job application rejection, say hello to the real world.

And then you wither away just like that. For a few people, it only takes a few days right after their birth date. While for some of us, it takes months, years, and maybe decades.Nevertheless, just like that spotless toilet paper that has to go through a lot without their consent, we also fade away at some point.

We absorb almost anything, we take in whatever form of shit is handed to us.

As much as we force ourselves to think that we have the freewill to choose, shit happens. Again, just like that lowly roll of toilet paper.

All the pain, regrets, hate, frustrations and guilt may break us down and all that's left are our hollowed selves; just like that dull and ugly piece of cardboard that holds the once spick-and-span toilet paper.

But I learned something today.

No matter how dampened your spirits are with the inevitabilities of loss; no matter how disheartened you are with how things went opposite the other direction, take comfort in the fact that toilet paper is recyclable.

We, too, can redeem ourselves. Get up, dust yourself off, take a deep breath and shout "Bring It On!" to the Universe.

Published in Sun Star Weekend (Crossline), August 14, 2010


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