Hey, Hey, Are You Okay?

/ Thursday, November 18, 2010 /

I am obviously not.

Before you dial 911, we're not really going to talk of anything related to First Aid. But for Pete's sake, can somebody tap me in the shoulder just like what medics do and say, “Hey, hey, are you okay"? Please skip the ABCs because I can tell you straight in the face now that my Airway, Breathing and Circulation statuses are going haywire. And I am not exaggerating.

Excuse me for sounding like The Grinch but can we skip the Yuletide season and go straight to celebrating the New Year, instead? I am itching to start anew and cease being sentimental about things but those Feliz Navidad tunes blasting from the neighbor's speakers are making me uncomfortable, grumpy and suicidal. But I bet you're not going to take the latter seriously because according to statistics, those who intentionally end one's life do not openly tell the world about their plans of doing so. Screw those statistics!

Before I start sounding the angtsy 19-year old that I used to be, I need someone to rush quickly into the scene with a bottle of tequila in one hand and ask me again, "Hey, hey, are you okay"? A single shot of morphine and somebody to talk to will do. Let's talk about how everything in this world is a big, fat lie and how I still cling to hope despite it all.

Artwork by Heidi Burton


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