Mundane, Maybe

/ Sunday, November 7, 2010 /

Yesterday, I took the yellow bus and witnessed life as it happened to people I barely knew.

And I met..

That twenty-something guy in a Be The Reds shirt, selling pirated DVDs inside the bus terminal. While buying Autoload from him, he suddenly took a photo of me using his camera phone.

"Miss, mura ug ikaw man to ang artista sa Bisaya nga akong pagatan-awon sauna".

That bus conductor who reminded us that all passengers should be grateful to the rival bus company. If not for them, we won't be enjoying their current "promotion": the fare was cut to more than half of its original amount.

That old man in a bicycle by the pier who assured us that the town's next port is just a few minutes away and that it's okay to walk our way there. But we ended up riding the tricycle, only to found out that there's no way for us to walk the distance from one port to another.

That two boys who languidly slept in their banca tied to the shore. Oh, how I envy them. The gentle waves of the calm sea rocking them to sleep on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

That moreno security guard who asked me from which part of town I live. I told him I'm from the city and he answered back that he is, too. "Samokan ko sa siyudad gud." But I gamely teased him about having a lover in town and all he said was "Panahon ra ang mag-igo." I wonder what he really meant; I wanted to know more but it was time to leave.

That woman wearing a yellow bandana. She was talking about her experience as a cancer survivor to the pawnshop receptionist on the other side of the glass window. She may have made it but she ended up with a lot of debts.

Him. He was born in 1987, asked a couple of hypothetical questions, and is a sucker for books, too.

Yesterday, I took the yellow bus again and lived. And I'm glad I did.


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