To Spontaneity With Love

/ Wednesday, December 22, 2010 /

Dear Spontaneity,

Can we stop seeing each other for now?

I need some time off from you. A couple of days, maybe weeks or even one whole month will do.

It has nothing to do with you really – it is all about me being me. I know, I know. It is the lousiest excuse one can come up with but here's my right pinky finger (come give me your right pinky quick! ); I promise not to give up on you that easy the next time I feel like doing so. But for now, I am giving you the cold shoulder because I need it for myself. This self-imposed hiatus will definitely save me from losing all of what is left of my sanity.

I knew I was not supposed to binge on alcohol that evening because I had been Frankenstein's bride for three straight days but I gave in anyway. I gave in to you, Spontaneity. You very well know that you can overpower Freewill every time you feel like doing so.

I could probably come up with a hundred reasons and make a long list on why I don't want you around for the time being. I assumed, cared and hoped; all three are currently on top of that list and I do not like the feeling at all. I do not like it at all. Because no one on the other end assumed, cared and also hoped. Sad, but that is life for you, Charlie Brown.

Go, pack your bags and look forward to a long holiday in Verona, AndalucĂ­a and the islands of Bermuda. Remember to post some Facebook photos of nice places you'll see and update your Twitter as much as you can because I will definitely miss you. I'll have Boredom as company for now. Stop fidgeting, will you? We will definitely rock the house down the next time we do something spontaneous. If you shall miss me, just think of makeup sex. We shall do something of that sort when you come back. Leave, before I come up with a hundred reasons on why you should stay.

Starting to get bored now,


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