A Rainy Week To-Do List

/ Wednesday, January 5, 2011 /

It has been raining for days and I came up with this to-do list for the entire gloomy week.

1. Sing Sugarfree's Burnout at the top of my lungs. The neighbors won’t mind at all because they're too busy doing more productive stuff. After all, it's supposed to be the year of the hare.

2. Cook Bicol Express until the entire country runs out of bell peppers!

3. Pretend that I'm walking down the streets of Japan; wear the heaviest boots and the brightest trench coat I'll find in the ukay-ukay.

4. Devise ways on how to scare the huge frogs away who hang out near our neighbor's deep well. Those bullies are too damn arrogant when I walk pass them on my way home at night.

5. Collect some rainwater, test its pH levels and find out if a goldfish can survive in such harsh conditions. Sue me for being mean but it is for the sake of science and mankind.

6. Watch the entire season of ANTM 15 and ask myself again why in the world I am putting up with such garbage. I've been asking myself the same question when I started watching Season 1 back in high school.

7. Write letters to friends-turned-strangers.

8. Fancy the future.

9. Kiss someone in the rain until we both forget that we are in the middle of Fuente OsmeƱa.

10. Walk my way to you.

Photo by Navid Baraty


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