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/ Tuesday, March 29, 2011 /

How are you?

I lost track of time since we last talked over the phone. I deeply apologize for not being able to reply soon to your letters. Yes, I got hold of them- all four, that is if you'll count the hastily written note at the back of a postcard from Corregidor.

Where are you now? Every time I dial 09228754999, all I get in return is the nonchalant 'Please hold the line'. After what seemed to be an eternity of silence, I heard the sound of the sea. Small humbling waves that were achingly trying to reach the shore, only to be stopped short by other waves- the huge ones- higher and bolder. And the cycle continues. Some call it the Natural Order of Things; the dreamy ones named it Destiny. I plainly see it as Bullshit.

Are you now living near the ocean, stuck in an island or cruising along the Mediterranean? I'd like to come over and buy you a large jug of beer.

White and Grey are a little bit grumpy these days. Yellow, Orange and Pink recently left; I do not have an idea of their whereabouts. Apart from you, dear Violet, they're the only ones I'd like to hang out with. I feel betrayed. How could they be so heartless, leaving me here, clueless, with the others? Your brothers Black and Blue are, as always, bullying me and I hate the sight of them.

Please come back. Or perhaps, at least, write to me back.

I have to go now, Brown’s walking towards me and I do not want her to see me furiously scribbling on a piece of paper. She'll throw me a barrage of questions, and so does wicked Red.

Patiently punching 09228754999 a hundred times a day,
Green with Envy


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