Let's Talk About the Different Okays of the World

/ Wednesday, May 18, 2011 /

"You shall be alright; you will be okay."

"Perhaps. But it's never going to be Cotton-Candy-Okay anymore. It's not even going to be Sunday-Morning-Okay, Coffee-Crumble-Ice-Cream-Okay or Simply-Sleep-On-It-Okay. You see, there are several kinds of okays in the world, I could probably come up with a few while we are here waiting for an empty 12L PUJ. There's the Okay that comes with longing, yearning and wishful thinking . And there's the I've-Given-Up-Okay, the You-Don't-Know-What-I'm-Going-Through-Okay and the Leave-Me-Alone-Okay. Hey, what time is it again? "

"Four Minutes To Eleven."


"So what kind of Okay was that?"

"Very clever! Let's just say it's the Let-Us-Not-Go-Home-Yet-Okay. I do not want us to go home yet because I still want us to talk about the different okays of the world, and how I am Plainly-Happy-Okay because I know you are the only one who understands. In the first place, you were the only one who understood and who never asked."

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I usually say, in the end, okay, it’s love and it’s work — what else could there possibly be? -- Maira Kalman


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