Caring is Certainly Creepy

/ Tuesday, August 9, 2011 /

Far above our heads are the icy heights
That contain all reason
It's a luscious mix of words and tricks
That let us bet when you know we should fold
On rocks I dreamt of where we'd stepped
And the whole mess of roads we're not on
-Caring Is Creepy, The Shins

Monday blues, look who just opened a can of worms when all we wanted to do was play some peek-a-boo! In the name of the great goddess of flukes, what have we all done? Don't look at me like that, how many times have I told you to stop caring. Forget the whole thing existed, put those worms into good use, and hook them up for some weekend fishing. Be sure to fatten them up until they're good enough. Can you still recall what The Shins sang the night the dancers came the day before yesterday? They were talking about about how caring is certainly creepy. Also, before you throw your line into the sea, remember to take only whatever is given. Who cares if they come in different colors, sizes and shapes? They all have the same set of gross gills anyway. 

Take only whatever is given, Monday.


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