Vegetable, Anyone?

/ Tuesday, May 8, 2012 /

Eggplant Tofu Miso by Pipino Restaurant
It looks like someone is consistently losing weight in a healthy-kind-of-way. This is attributed to more meatless meals that Chong and I have been doing lately. We have been thinking of going vegetarian (not vegan yet) for  a while now but going full force is out of the question because

a. pure vegetarian dishes in the city (carenderia, fast food joints, restaurants) are not really that accessible

b. carnivorous dishes are literary everywhere despite the mushrooming of vegan/organic-oriented restaurants in Manila (read something about it in a national daily the other week)

c. it would be rude for us to look for  separate vegetarian dishes on occassions when somebody else has prepared the meals  (e.g.get-togethers with family and friends) 

d. i cannot give up on Alejo's Lechon Baboy yet (but i have successfully said no to my Balamban Liempo cravings a couple of times!);

so the best option is to cook our own meals but this is not entirely possible due to both of us

 a. having full time jobs (one comes home dogtired leaving no time for some concoctin’ in the kitchen)

 b. living separately (one gets to eat whatever is available or prepared by other members of the household)

However, Chong can still cook dinner (averaging thrice per work week because he thinks he's superman) while I can only manage to come up with something edible on weekends. We often do lunch(yey to working on the same business district) and dinner (often with his housemates) together and we have this unspoken arrangement between us to always go for fruits,vegetables, tofu, eggs and anything ocean-harvested. The tempting meat usually takes the centerstage during let's-treat-ourselves-days on weekends.

Most vegans shun meat mainly because of animal cruelty issues. Going for more vegetarian meals on our end( as of the moment) has to do with consuming balanced meals, minimizing intake of highly processed food products and most of all, simply feeling good.  While browsing the good 'ol Internet for vegetarian recipes, it occurred to us that shunning meat altogether does not necessarily translate to bland and tasteless meals. One can always reinvent and experiment (and there’s always the spices and herbs to tinker on). I am not bidding farewell to meat yet but here's to more savory, tasty and filling vegetarian meals!  

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{ raynifly } on: August 14, 2012 at 9:48 AM said...

I love this post. And I love that you're considering going vegetarian. But what I love most is that you even included vegan somewhere in there. From a Cebuana vegan, this makes me very happy. Thank you for my happy thought of the day.

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