Hurrah for Apples!

/ Thursday, October 18, 2012 /

While writing this now over Google Docs, I am munching on a  red apple (brought from the supermarket for only fifteen pesos but surprisingly sweet, juicy and crunchy!). I am now on the fourth hour of my shift and the past 3 hours has been sort of empty, in a restless kind of way, for me.

To begin with, the writing tasks assigned to me can be very much classified as routine and I decided to put off writing them after lunch because it does not require me to scour the Internet for interesting bits of information. I can probably write them in a jiffy without the routine fact checks with Dear Uncle Google.

So what exactly was I doing on my shift’s first three hours? I would like to personally label it as the painfully longest three hours I’ve had to date.  Well, I’m really good at exaggerating things, as one of my friends Karl would attest,  but one has to perfectly understand that when I say “painfully longest”, it really is.

I started the shift with hot unsweetened cocoa because I ran out of black coffee. It wasn’t that bad but black coffee with honey or muscovado sugar is still my official perk-me-up morning drink. A few pieces of toasted leftover bread and Lily’s Peanut Butter complemented the slightly bitter taste of cocoa.

Later on, I was told by our project head  that I’m suppose to draft the usual blog content today and nothing specific for me to write is at hand. I was quite relieved for a minute there because drafting the “usual blog posts” actually means that I have lots and lots of spare time within the shift. I could probably use that extra time to do something productive which is entirely not related to work. This is the part where Miss Restlessness comes into the picture.

I started reading the usual Internet stuff I get from Exp.Lore and it led me to this and this and this. This triumvirate of web content I came across this morning was particularly interesting, useful even. But they have this common depressing theme and I started to feel quite sad myself. Sad is probably not enough to describe such feeling but it was by turns emptiness and restlessness making their way into my system.

I hopped from one website to another, listened to some of the music I usually listened to in the morning, and tried to write something random. But I failed. I tried logging in to Facebook hoping that someone posted something to toss the bad vibes away. But the emptiness just won’t go away. And then I realized that a short walk may help (one of the few liberties at work that I really love). It was already around almost eight and the sun is out in its full mighty glory. I walked around IT Park for ten minutes I guess and I hoped and crossed fingers that I’d feel better. But I still didn’t.

A few minutes later, back in my desk, I decided to eat one of those apples that I store in the office fridge (another one of those few office liberties I was talking about earlier) and yes, I am now very much relieved to say that the emptiness has gone away! Hurrah for apples!

So I am also about to post this now in my blog which I haven't been looking after for ages. If this blog has been a backyard garden, it is now filled with all kinds of weeds and the plants may as well have  wilted and died from being orphaned for quite a while. So this post, no matter how mundane and random it is, may just keep the weeds off for now.

Meanwhile, the poetry below is quite a gem.


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