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/ Friday, October 19, 2012 /

A good number of people I know tend to write more (and perhaps, better) when they’re neck deep in melancholia. That includes myself. The urge to write has always been stronger on my end when I’m sad and stuck on a rut.  This is not something that one should be surprised about. When one is filled with all kinds of sorrow -- from the superficial “I’m sad because my favorite ice cream flavor wasn’t available earlier today at the convenience store” to the profound grief of recently losing someone you hold dear, one is most likely to resort to the written word for catharsis, a sort of purging one’s self from the madness and disorder within.

But today’s quite different. I woke up feeling light, too light  that I can even feel myself floating in mid-air. Feist's Mushaboom sums up what I felt this morning and is very much the opposite of what I felt yesterday around the same time of the day. I can’t really help but wonder how volatile one’s emotions can be -- stuck in a black hole the other day while feeling merry jolly the next day. If we do a little bit of dissection here and a little prodding there, it all boils down to the number of hours that I dedicate to the gods of sleep. The longer the hours that I spend snoring and dreaming, the greater the likelihood of me feeling well the next day. I know it ain’t rocket science and a first grader will most likely figure out such similar fact. However, getting some shut eye has been a challenge on my end lately, not because I have a lot of things to do, but because I have difficulties in doing so. I’ve had the same problem two or three years ago and lots of walking and trekking and scaling mountains helped me get out of it. I admit my mountaineering trips has not been as frequent as before for the most part this year. Weekends are dominated by either trips to the beach or movie marathons.

Apart from the promise of spending more time with the outdoors for the rest of the year, I have this sudden urge of drafting a list of ten things that I am currently grateful for.

Thank you for:

1.  the younger brother whom I think has matured in terms of owning responsibilities.

2.  the boyf who makes sure that the “little things” are always taken cared of and for simply making me feel loved.

3.  less writing tasks on certain days like today. i have enough time left for writing almost anything that i want to talk about thus helping me to get in touch with myself again.

4. lily’s peanut butter! lousy mornings are better with it (despite the occasional stirring needed to help keep the oil from accumulating on top).

5. a work shift which begins at six in the morning. with barely no traffic on the road, commute times are shorter and less draining.

6. having enough money to buy a loaf of soft yet deliciously crumb-y banana walnut cake from Leona’s. it’s nothing very expensive but have you ever thought about waking up one day to find out that you can’t afford the occasional treat for your sweet tooth. I have and it’s not the nicest thought in the world.

7. black coffee, of course!

8. 8tracks mix tapes because i’m too lazy to build my own music library.

9. saturday work. it helps me save money because i end up sleeping early on a friday night and thus expenses from going out on a friday night are non-existent.

10. evernote. life online is certainly easier with it around.

11. it’s supposed to be only a list of ten. but what the heck. i am also thankful for the boyf getting himself a new mobile phone unit. i was originally opposed to him buying a new one because i don’t see any reason why he would pay for such a hefty price tag for a phone. he had his reasons though like the GPS feature, etc and i’m now grateful for it because there’s already an Evernote and 8tracks app on it. also, we’ll be able to use the phone’s camera in case his digicam runs out of battery(which happens frequently). Win-win! :)

12. speaking of mobile phones with camera features, i am thankful for my trusty Nokia 1616. i rarely go paranoid or panicky that i might lose it to thieves or leave it in public. it’s just a 1616 anyway. :)

Here's to more outdoor trips!


{ lovelickspensiveness } on: October 19, 2012 at 9:54 PM said...

Well said Kai :-p

{ Kai } on: October 29, 2012 at 7:49 AM said...

Thank you, Rayni. :)

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