today is write-a-letter-to-a-body-organ day..

/ Friday, March 1, 2013 /

And I’m writing one to my wonderful uterus.  While other organs play a more important role than my womb, I have high regard for its patience and hardwork to actually do the same thing over and over again each month and end up with nothing on most days. I hear no complaints when not a single sperm ends up to meet the lonesome egg (probably with another friendly egg on rare occasions). I perfectly understand the semi-manic state it undergoes to build a warm and nourishing shelter for a potential baby only to end up with the sad news of “not today, sweetie”. Yet, it still perseveres until my eggs call it a day and sing one of those lines from Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s “As Talls As Cliffs” - but i'll tell you the truth. / darling, i'm tired, / and i should be leaving, / leaving. / you know i'm tired, / and i should be leaving, / leaving tonight. /

In return, I have no complaints whatsoever when my uterus feels like contracting for at least a hundred contractions per hour during that time of the month when it decides to get rid of all the comfy baby nest it built.

Uterus darling, I endure the pain and all kinds of crankiness you take with you and your angsty hormones.

But oh dear. Would you please be kind to wait a bit until the 30th of next month before you go destroy the baby nest and go bloody all over? I know you’re scheduled to do all the wreckage around the 27th, 28th or 29th. But please please please be kind. An arduous mountain trip is in order around the same dates and I do not think I could muster up hefty amounts of endurance with your cramps and crankiness while walking for 8 to 10 hours for three loooong days.

So for next month’s monthly "fuck you", tardiness will be greatly appreciated, dear uterus.

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