Here's to Girl Power (Less)!

/ Monday, August 26, 2013 /

Last Saturday, my plan of joining the Friendship climb in Ginatilan was aborted. Although I was really looking forward to The Amazing Race part of the event, I wasn’t really that disappointed because I know that my lungs would still be able to have its own share of fresh mountain air come Sunday. Sunday presented itself with two lung-friendly options -- Toledo day trek with an outdoor group of hospital employees and a Sirao day climb with T and K. I opted to for the latter because I know that I would be more challenged with T and K in Sirao. Why punish myself? There’s a major climb trip happening in a week and my body needs all the rain, mud, heat, and sweat it could tolerate so I would be more prepared come 1st week of September.

And oh, I am scared of the climb happening in roughly a week, which explains why I’m writing again here in my blog. Writing about my fears, as always, is therapeutic. Seeing them in print makes things more concrete so I get to look at it in a more objective way rather than letting it sit at the back of my head and slowly gnaw my inner sunshine. Ha! So why the fear? I guess I’ll talk about it more in another post.

Going back to the supposedly day climb in Sirao yesterday, I woke up to T’s text saying that he won’t make it since he’s currently involved in an emergency. K later texted asking what our other options were. We decided not to push through with the Sirao climb with only the two us around because the locals there seemed to be not that friendly with trekkers and we could only imagine what they’ll think (and do!) if they’ll see two girls merrily making their way for the hills. There are also areas in there which I think are crime-prone (think rape, robbery, etc).

What were we supposed to do then? K and I were already looking forward to a very tired yet fun day trekking so staying at home was out of the question. K suggested that we trek in Babag instead and take the trail towards Mountainview so we could also take a dip in the pool after the trek. However, when I told the Boyfriend about it who just woke up an ocean away, he pointed out again the fact that there were only 2 of us and again, we were just girls. K and I have never tried going outdoors without guys around so the Boyfriend was a bit hesitant. While the feminist-go-girl-power in me was screaming that “we will be perfectly alright!”, the logical side of me said otherwise. You will never know what’s going to happen up there. So our last resort was to spend all those energy at the Sacred Heart Sports Center's pool.

So I swam to my heart’s content yesterday afternoon. But my lungs are a bit mad at me because what I promised to be a smog-free weekend with a bottomless supply of fresh air turned out to be a chlorine-filled day.

An uphill jog is in order today with K and D. It’s the only endurance practice we could afford now for the major climb next week since work is getting in the way again. I can only hope that my lungs would be kinder and more considerate.

Here’s to girl power (less)! :D

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