How Not to Give a Damn by Making Squash Soup

/ Monday, April 20, 2015 /

The human body has always fascinated me. It can heal on its own through an intricately-designed series of immune responses. This thought somewhat brought me comfort when I had the most terrible of stomach cramps which was closely followed by a trip to the washroom last night.  And the story didn't just end there because I had to repeat the washroom trips three times for the entire stretch of the evening. I took note of the times that I rose from bed - midnight, 2:30ish am and 4 am. Whatever it is that my body is trying to get rid itself off is doing an excellent job in making me feel sluggish and non-functional. Hey stomach bug, here’s your Badge of Excellence for successfully destroying Hiroshima!
A mental pep talk was in order when the alarm rang at five. You committed to coming in to work today for a shift swap when you snorkeled your way to some island last Saturday, you might as well have the decency to stick to what you’ve committed to. So I grudgingly rose from bed, took a bath and got dressed. Except that when I was about to go out, the cramps began, a sign of protest against the plan to suck up the discomfort and be Miss Illustrious at work. It seems like the most honorable thing to do is stay at home and wait until the immunity cops recite the Miranda rights to the offending stomach bugs. You have the right to remain silent, stomach flu bug.

While waiting and contemplating if I will still have a job to look forward to when I get back to work tomorrow (I have no medical certificate to hand in because I stubbornly believe that simple stomach flu bugs can be single-handedly taken cared of by our wonderful immune system, except in cases when there are signs of dehydration and infection), a warm, restorative soup seems like a good idea.

A large wedge of squash that has been sitting in the chiller for two weeks now is the only produce that screamed soup to me. But coconut milk is nowhere to be found so I quickly thought about letting go of the idea of warm, filling and rich soup. Besides, it’s summer, who would pine for something warm in the middle of the day?

Yet here’s to not giving a damn about soups on a summer noon, the non-existence of coconut milk that squash soup is supposed to have, and the possibility that I may be in between jobs by tomorrow.

So here we go.

Melt a generous amount of butter into the pan. Saute onions and garlic until translucent. Throw in a teaspoon of curry powder and a pinch of salt. Add thinly-sliced squash and pour about two cups of water. Simmer in low heat while you stir it every now and then. Once the squash has broken into bits, adjust taste with salt. Add freshly-grated ginger and thin slices of spring onions. It’s not something that Mark Bittman will gush about in The New York Times. But then again, this soup is about not giving a damn right?

Sometimes, there are things that we can't control like coconut milk being nowhere in sight. Or let’s just say that some people we hold dear in our lives do not give the same weight and intensity of caring as we do. But then there's squash soup. Now go make yourself a bowl of your favorite soup because anything that is warm, rich, and with lots of butter will somehow make things okay for the time being.


{ Kikit } on: April 20, 2015 at 4:56 PM said...

Buhati ni ani ni Danski puhon kung magkita ta sa Cebu :D

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