Because the rain will wash away everything..

/ Thursday, September 1, 2016 /

Hey girl there is always something indescribable about the rain, don't you think? 

It may be over-romanticized but admit it, it still calms the most troubled of us.

So forget about your boyfriend, mom, or boss throwing a fit. As Sarah Kay puts it, the rain will wash away everything if you let it. 

Now, I've made you a mix tape to listen and drift into forgetting. Also, I'm throwing in something that I wrote ages ago.

In times like these, just stick to your guns and remember that there's always the rain to scrub, rinse, and wash away everything — if you simply let it do so

Down the drain the sound of soapy water 
from the rusty dishwasher reigns,
yet barely audible.
There were silent spaces to fill and empty corners to drown.
Up into the chimney, the tasteless smoke seeks,
 but barely visible.
It dreams of red colored roofs; 
seeks of warmer nights when the stars hang so low,
when shirts and skirts meet to tango,
and of foggy mornings sitting in tables for two. 
And came the heaviest of the tempest; 
night and day it reign.
But dearest, 
the sheets of rain neither went down the drain 
nor up the chimney.
Still, it wanted  the same silent space to fill,
 empty corner to drown, and table for two. 
All three were nowhere to be found.

I usually say, in the end, okay, it’s love and it’s work — what else could there possibly be? -- Maira Kalman


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